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Pandemic Fallout: Surfacing Coverage Issues and Claims Trends for Design Professionals

Wilson Elser Webinar

Date: May 14, 2020
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This webinar will address the types of claims and coverage issues anticipated as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak restrictions and conditions placed on construction projects and professionals, what contractual defenses may be available and what facts are necessary to successfully assert these defenses. In addition, the presenters will discuss the potential resources and relief that may be available in contracts, insurance policies and/or through state-mandated relief measures. Lastly, looking forward, the webinar will address risk management tools design professionals can use to prepare for the anticipated surge in claims from COVID-19-related restrictions causing project shutdowns, disruptions and ongoing hazardous conditions on job sites.


  • Identify the purported negligent acts and/or omissions that are being asserted against the design professional and whether COVID-19 played any part in the theory of liability
  • Identify the potential defenses to liability and whether COVID-19 rules and regulations provide any new or novel defenses to the theories of liability being asserted
  • Analyze your contracts concerning your defenses to delays caused by acts beyond your control and for potential sources of risk transfer and/or shared sources of liability 
  • Understand and document facts that support contractual defenses when performance is impractical, impossible or infeasible
  • Gain risk management tools to develop a COVID-19 exposure control plan.


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