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Virtual ADR: Is It Really Working in Complex Construction Disputes?

Wilson Elser Virtual Litigation Series

Date: June 24, 2021
Location: Webinar 1:00 p.m. ET

Wendy Testa (Partner-Philadelphia, PA) will present “Virtual ADR: Is It Really Working in Complex Construction Disputes? Strategies for Success,” on June 24, 2021, as part of Wilson Elser’s Virtual Litigation Series. Mediating a complex construction dispute hinges on navigating the “side shows,” which involve multiple defendants and insurers, coverage and contractual defenses, separate but related litigation (declaratory judgment actions) and other impediments to achieving “success” such as liens and parties that refuse to (or are not obligated to) engage in the ADR process – then do it virtually. Wendy will discuss the additional “wrinkles” to expect and address in the virtual ADR of a construction/construction defect matter; how the premeditation prep work has changed to ensure productivity in a virtual forum; and finally, how the parties and mediator should adapt their strategies and conduct to make the virtual mediation work for everyone.

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