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Marijuana in the Workplace

Wilson Elser Forum Series

Date: July 22, 2021
Location: Virtual Webinar

While we were “away,” medical and adult-use marijuana legislation has moved apace. Join Wilson Elser partners, moderator Yoora Pak (McLean, VA) and panelists Dean Rocco (Los Angeles, CA), Celena Mayo (New York, NY), Bruno Katz (San Diego, CA) and Steve Joffe (Los Angeles, CA) as they address the topic of marijuana in the workplace ‒ a reality to be reckoned with and a risk to be managed. This session gives an overview of the extent of marijuana use and the state and local laws that impact businesses. Panelists will discuss the best practices and common-sense aspects of dealing with marijuana use in the workplace and the effect of the availability of insurance for the cannabis industry.

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