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Social Justice & Race Relations in the Workplace

Wilson Elser Forum Series

Date: June 17, 2021
Location: Virtual Webinar

Social justice movements will have a more profound impact on hiring and other employment decisions once members of the workforce come together in a physical rather than a virtual environment. Join Wilson Elser partners, moderator Yoora Pak (McLean, VA) and panelists Dean Rocco (Los Angeles, CA), Celena Mayo (New York, NY), Bruno Katz (San Diego, CA) and Steve Joffe (Los Angeles, CA) as they address the importance of having an affirmative action plan in place. Topics include diversity programs and the status of the law; avoiding reverse discrimination claims; new state laws on discrimination, including the “subtle” forms of discrimination; questioning the judgment of a female employee, asking inappropriate questions in an interview and consistently bringing up stereotypes in conversations or communications; and regularly excluding certain employees from professional or social events or intentionally eliminating certain employees for consideration for a promotion.


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