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Reptile Attack on a Cautery Manufacturer

Medmarc’s 31st National Attorney Panel Seminar

Date: June 15, 2018
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Genese Dopson (Partner-San Francisco) led a trio of other Wilson Elser partners − Daniel Tranen (Edwardsville), Kathleen Wilkinson (Philadelphia) and Jennifer Arledge (Las Vegas) − in a full-day mock trial at Medmarc Insurance Company’s 31st National Attorney Panel Seminar, held on June 15, 2018, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The fact pattern for the mock trial was based on a Medmarc case Genese tried 10 years ago. Daniel Tranen, one of the attorneys for the plaintiff, conducted cross-examination of Kathleen Wilkinson (“Dr. Wilkinson”), who participated as the insured’s in-house research and development engineer, who also was a board-certified physician; together they provided a realistic and useful demonstration of the noted “Reptile cross-examination” and ways to combat it. Jennifer Arledge conducted direct examination of the plaintiff’s expert engineer, which provided Genese fuel for her powerful closing argument on behalf of the plaintiff in the mock trial. Interestingly, Genese obtained a defense verdict in the actual trial 10 years ago, but her closing argument to the mock jurors produced the opposite effect.

Capping an eventful day, Genese received Medmarc Insurance Company’s first MVP Lifetime Achievement Award for her more than 30 years of service to Medmarc and its insureds.

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