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Women in Tort Law

Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys | American Bar Association

Date: April 4, 2019
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Karen L. Bashor (Partner-Las Vegas) had the honor of joining a panel presentation sponsored by the Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys (SNAWA) and the American Bar Association on “Women in Tort Law” held on April 4, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event attracted women judges from the District Court of Nevada for the Eighth Circuit, the recently appointed Court of Appeals Judge, and all four of the women who now sit on the Nevada Supreme Court, creating a female majority on the highest court for the first time in Nevada history. Three of the four female justices participated in Wilson Elser's prior Las Vegas WAVE events with other distinguished speakers. The panel discussed key issues women face in and out of the courtroom regarding moving up in their organizations, empowering women personally and professionally, and civility in litigation. As a WAVE representative and former SNAWA board member, Karen shared her thoughts on these key issues and the great success of Wilson Elser’s WAVE program to address these concerns and advance the success of women attorneys.

las vegasLeft to right bottom: Justice Elissa Cadish, Nevada Supreme Court; Nadia Von Magdenko, Esq.; Srilata Shaw, Esq.; Marjorie Hauf, Esq.

Left to right top: Karen L. Bashor, Esq.; Heather Hall, Esq.; Alexis McLeod, Esq.; Stephanie Zinna, Esq.

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