Speaking Engagements

Advising Cannabis Companies on Product Liability

DRI Cannabis Law Seminar

Date: September 17, 2020
Location: Virtual

Ian Stewart (Partner-Los Angeles) will speak on “Advising Cannabis Companies on Product Liability” at the DRI Cannabis Law Seminar on September 17, 2020. Ian will examine the cannabis industry product liability claims experience to date, with respect to bodily injury cases and product-related claims of mislabeling, contamination and recalls, as well as unfair competition and consumer class actions that arise out of those underlying matters. Topics include important trends that affect overall product-related exposure, such as the rise of on-site consumption/pot cafés, gram shop liability, THC impairment standards, consumer awareness, evolving testing and labeling requirements, and available insurance protections.

More information and registration are available on the event website.

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