Speaking Engagements

An Eye for an Eye: Emerging Risks with Biometric Data

RIMS Chicago Chapter

Date: February 3, 2021
Location: Virtual

Joseph J. Stafford (Partner-Chicago, IL) will present “An Eye for an Eye: Emerging Risks with Biometric Data” at the RIMS Chicagoland Risk Forum: The New Generation of Risk to be held virtually on February 3, 2021. Biometric data is individualized, reliable, and can improve security and efficiency. As a result, they are popular among businesses in managing employees and dealing with customers. However, since these identifiers are unique and permanent, their collection and use raise significant privacy concerns. The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) allows individuals to sue companies for failing to obtain informed consent before collecting this data and for not maintaining proper safeguards for its storage. Joseph will discuss the current state of biometric regulations, focusing on recent cases, notable settlements, topical articles and insurance issues created by this exposure, and outline the “best biometric practices” for risk managers and highlight the current and emerging insurance coverage issues businesses face related to these claims.                   

More information and complimentary registration are available on the event website.

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