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Wage and Hour Issues, Including Private Attorney General Act Claims

California Restaurant Association

Date: November 10, 2021
Location: Webinar

Bruno Katz (Partner-San Diego, CA) and Steve Joffe (Partner-Los Angeles, CA) will present at the California Restaurant Association's November 10, 2021, Legal Center Webinar on “Wage and Hour Issues Facing Restaurants, Including PAGA Claims.” California's Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claims are on the rise and a source of significant liability and abuse. Bruno and Steve will suggest ways to stay in compliance and protect your business. The discussion will include critical wage and hour issues, including flat sum nondiscretionary bonuses and automatic service charges and the impact they have on tip pooling arrangements. Bruno and Steve also will cover how to avoid PAGA claims as well as preventative risk management with an eye toward solutions through creative discretionary non-service-charge arrangements.

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