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Gasland vs. Fracknation: A Discussion of the Future Litigation on Gas Exploration

Perrin Conferences

Date: March 13, 2013
Location: Webinar - 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. EST

The webinar will feature four speakers including Carl J. Pernicone (Partner-New York), co-chair of Wilson Elser’s national Insurance-Reinsurance Coverage practice. It will address the following topics:

  • History of oil and gas exploration and associated environmental/product liability litigation
  • Digging deep into the operations of high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing - a complete overview of the process
  • Chemicals and substances used and extracted as part of the hydrofracking process - a closer look at the epidemiology, science and potential medical issues associated with shale gas exploration
  • Mapping out the geographic litigation - where is the drilling occurring and suits being filed?
  • National update on the current claims and defenses in hydrofracking litigation
  • Overview of current state and federal legislation and regulations - update on pending proposals
  • Drilling down to the top insurance issues - emerging coverage and policy questions
  • Crunching the numbers: potential damages from personal-injury and property damage cases
  • Hydrofracking - hype or hoax?   Who is winning in the court of public opinion? 

More information is available on the event website. A discounted registration of $79 is available by contacting Bethany Long directly.

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