Insurance & Reinsurance Coverage



Wilson Elser's Insurance & Reinsurance Coverage practice counsels numerous insurance carriers on all aspects of disputes and related matters, from high-stakes litigation to insurance product regulation. Known for our skills in complex and high-profile coverage lawsuits, we are equally adept at the efficient handling of more routine coverage matters. Our attorneys frequently advise both public and private insurance entities regarding intricate insurance coverage issues on both a national and international basis. Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, we skillfully interpret the most sophisticated coverage policies and help mitigate the high dollar exposures that often accompany them.

Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, we skillfully interpret the most sophisticated coverage policies and help mitigate the high-dollar exposures that often accompany them.

We seek cost-effective solutions to coverage cases through early assessment and negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and other innovative means. We nonetheless are prepared to escalate matters to an arbitration hearing or to trial when these better serve our clients’ interests. We are well-known for our talent and tenacity in the courtroom and are proud of our reputation as one of the largest trial firms in the country. For cases involving bad faith – in which outsized damage amounts can seriously cripple a company, or worse – we mount particularly aggressive defenses and enjoy an enviable record of success.

Whatever the capacity, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, the thoroughness and quality of our work product and especially our ability to provide clients with highly personalized service.

From a regulatory perspective, Wilson Elser enjoys extensive experience representing life insurance and annuity product manufacturers, property and casualty insurers and distributors, and related service providers. We advise clients on product design, distribution and administrative issues and assist them in responding to compliance matters and regulatory examinations. When necessary, we are fully prepared to represent clients before the SEC's Office of Insurance Products, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and individual state departments of insurance.

Wilson Elser’s practice teams are staffed and structured to provide constructive and cost-effective legal counsel on virtually all insurance and reinsurance coverage matters. Beyond representing our clients before regulatory bodies, our attorneys also perform thorough coverage analyses and routinely draft and refine insurance policies.

As clients have come to value working with integrated legal "teams," Wilson Elser has moved in tandem with their needs. Our practice team model ensures that the firm's knowledge and experience relative to various types of insurance coverage are concentrated in one coherent entity. Our effectiveness is further enhanced by extensive in-house training and a robust infrastructure that allows quick access to research as well as the collective and extensive experience resident throughout the firm.