Since the health risks associated with asbestos first garnered public attention and triggered a tidal wave of litigation and regulation in the 1970s, Wilson Elser has been on the front lines of related toxic tort and mass tort litigation. With nearly four decades of experience defending these claims, our talented attorneys and supporting professionals work nationwide as one integrated team and command considerable respect throughout this field.

With nearly four decades of experience defending asbestos claims, our talented attorneys and supporting professionals work nationwide as one integrated team and command considerable respect throughout this field.

In both premises liability and product liability matters, Wilson Elser coordinates the representation of many defendants in personal injury, wrongful death and asbestos in buildings lawsuits. In litigating these matters, we develop a joint defense system for achieving effective, cost-efficient results.

We represent product manufacturers and distributors as well as premises owners, and we litigate matters relating to asbestos exposure in various contexts, including but not limited to, chemical plants, commercial plants and buildings, powerhouses, refineries, residences, schools, shipyards and steel mills. We are familiar with the types of exposure sustained by workers in all fields, including pipe coverers, boilermakers, carpenters, tapers, sheet metal workers, plumbers, steamfitters, shipyard workers and U.S. Navy personnel. We defend companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a broad range of asbestos-containing products such as gaskets, packing and sealing products, boilers, pumps, compressors, evaporators, joint compounds, household appliances, tiles and friction products.

While we recognize the wisdom of resolving most asbestos cases prior to the expense and vagaries associated with a jury trial, our attorneys have significant trial experience in defending personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits relating to asbestos exposure in both the state and federal courts and have obtained numerous defense verdicts. We are experienced in litigating state-of-the-art issues relating to knowledge in the medical and scientific communities, and we are well-versed in the relevant medical and scientific literature and studies.

Our practice team structure enables us to share our collective experience and our national presence allows our attorneys to be well-acquainted with plaintiffs in most national jurisdictions. In addition, we have access to the most respected defense experts in various fields, including epidemiology, pathology, industrial hygiene and pulmonary medicine. Over the years, we have resolved tens of thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits by trial, settlement, dismissals and summary judgment. We settle cases individually and in groups and negotiate settlements of all sizes.

Our trial experience and historical perspective give us insight into legacy issues and the foresight to advise on current and emerging toxic tort issues. More than 20 defense verdicts and appellate wins in asbestos exposure lawsuits over the past decade attest to the effectiveness of Wilson Elser’s litigators.

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