Community Associations



Emotionally charged and fraught with potential liability, developing and implementing plans for community associations requires a deft and experienced hand.

For nearly 40 years, Wilson Elser attorneys have enjoyed a hard-earned and enviable record of success assisting management companies, developers, owners and association groups with their legal challenges.  Whether applying the experience of our team expressly dedicated to community association law or drawing on the vast resources of the broader firm, we provide a wide spectrum of related services. 

Representing different stages of an association’s life cycle, these most notably include:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Collecting delinquent assessments
  • Reviewing and interpreting governing documents
  • Negotiating transitions
  • Enforcing rules and regulations
  • Helping to ensure fair housing compliance.

While many other law firms claim specialization in community association law, Wilson Elser offers a distinctly powerful combination of benefits to a large, loyal and growing clientele. 

Some on our team have licenses and degrees in architecture and engineering, affording valuable perspectives on construction, especially construction defects.  Such practical training also fosters a more rational and results-driven approach to the complex issues that typify this area of law. 

Our attorneys also have easy access to the counsel of their colleagues accomplished in municipal operations, government relations, land use and zoning, and real property – one or more of which can be readily applied in advancing an association’s objectives. 

Recognizing the importance of sustained fiscal health to a community association, we are experienced in assisting clients with collection of unpaid assessments, obtaining money judgments, foreclosing lines and in instances of bankruptcy, enforcing creditors’ rights. 

Finally, while we pride ourselves on reaching early and favorable resolutions, we do not hesitate to try cases in court, where we have a strong track record of successfully arguing cases before state and local judges. Opposing counsel’s familiarity with the talents and tenacity of our highly skilled trial attorneys no doubt contributes to the resolutions we seek – and more often than not realize – on behalf of community associations.

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