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With an increasing number of states betting on legalized gambling to create revenue streams, a more rigorous regulatory environment and seismic technological advancements, the gaming industry is experiencing rapid change. By necessity, gaming law is keeping pace.

Wilson Elser is at the forefront of this dynamic industry and is sought after by clients nationwide who require related counsel. Our attorneys are well versed in the substance and subtleties of casino development and operations and are familiar with critical new areas such as Internet gaming, on-site promotions, social media, mobile gaming and data security.  

With 41 offices strategically located throughout the United States, we are able to handle matters in most any jurisdiction and easily stay abreast of state-specific statutes and regulations.

Our attorneys frequently help clients with the development, registration and execution of sweepstakes, contests and promotions, navigating highly prescriptive anti-lottery laws as well as related consumer fraud and protection statutes and regulations that vary widely by state.  We routinely draft and review official contest rules and help ensure that related advertising and collateral conform precisely to their conditions. Given the nature of the industry, we also are continually involved in privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property issues that can be distracting, damaging or even crippling to a gaming organization.

Drawing as needed on the vast resources of the broader firm, practice attorneys are able to provide services in virtually all areas applicable to the gaming industry, including:

  • Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights
  • Administrative and tax issues
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Compliance
  • Equipment, software and IT approvals
  • Construction, land use, zoning and planning
  • Employment and labor
  • Premises liability defense
  • Anti–money laundering
  • Commercial contracts and agreements
  • Commercial litigation
  • Licensing matters.

In addition, our attorneys work with clients to prevent or mitigate the devastating losses that can result from event cancellations, abandonment, non-appearance, relocation, over-redemption, profit participation disputes and prize indemnity.  Given the menacing repercussions of mishandling such contingencies, it doesn’t pay to bet on anything less than experienced and uncompromising legal counsel.

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