Wealth Preservation



Protecting a client’s wealth from unforeseen creditors, matrimonial interests, and income, gift and death taxation is the guiding principle of our practice.  We have compiled an enviable record of success as leaders in the use of creative and complex strategies that preserve our clients’ domestic and foreign property and yield substantial, long-term benefits.

We have extensive experience in the development of targeted, sophisticated and tax-efficient strategies for the protection of businesses and family wealth that address our clients’ unique circumstances and concerns.

Wilson Elser’s Wealth Preservation Practice attorneys make use of a wide variety of techniques, including the establishment of domestic and foreign trusts and the strategic use of various life insurance products. We are mindful of our clients’ personal, business and charitable objectives and are committed to affording asset protection throughout their lives and for future generations.

Our practice extends to business owners, real estate investors and others who require specialized assistance for effective growth, maintenance and preservation of business enterprises and other investments, as well as planning for distribution and transition of their significant assets.

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