While most matrimonial law matters settle short of trial, our attorneys are mindful of related high-stress factors and make every effort to assist in settlement by participating in settlement conferences, mediation or arbitration.

Already complicated and contentious, matrimonial law has become enmeshed in debates over family structure, gender bias and even morality. Moreover, recent changes made by federal and state legislators have added new layers of nuance and complexity to what once

Wilson Elser offers skilled services to clients experiencing matrimonial issues. As it best serves our clients’ objectives, our Matrimonial Practice attorneys prepare premarital agreements, marital settlement and support agreements, custody and parenting time agreements, and, when permissible, mid-marriage and reconciliation agreements.

When related tax or estate planning issues arise, we provide counsel on how to contain potential adverse financial consequences. Increasingly, our clients include unmarried partners for whom legal rights, improperly handled, can easily be compromised.

When our clients’ objectives are best advanced through litigation, we rely on our substantial experience in litigating matters involving divorce, custody and parenting time, and even annulment.

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