Tax Planning & Controversies



Wilson Elser respects the clear distinctions between tax avoidance and tax evasion and the menacing repercussions of being at odds with the Internal Revenue Service or a state department of revenue.

Our team advises on and implements strategies designed to achieve goals related to state and local taxation, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, sales and use tax, executive compensation, employee benefits and international tax issues.

Our attorneys perform a wide range of legal tax services for individuals and various business entities, including corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. We handle matters related to federal and state tax audits, pursue refund claims, and when it best advances our clients’ objectives, vigorously litigate cases before various courts. We are well accustomed to representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service, seeking rulings and managing audit proceedings.

Acknowledging the intricate tax concerns facing foreign nationals entering the United States or U.S. citizens living abroad, we work with specialists in subject countries to help ensure that asset ownership conforms to all applicable tax laws.