Committed to providing responsive service and vigorous representation in debt collection matters, Wilson Elser frees our clients to focus on managing their businesses as we effectively pursue accounts receivable that left outstanding could compromise even the soundest business plan.

For more than 30 years, Wilson Elser has assisted clients in navigating consumer and commercial collections law.  Our Collections Practice attorneys have compiled an enviable record of success representing large and small businesses in a host of industries, individual creditors, municipal entities, and a wide range of organizations engaged in collections and related creditors’ rights matters. Clients include cities, counties, commercial and consumer banks, loan originators, credit insurers, medical practices and professional services organizations. Matters involve secured and unsecured debt, consumer credit and commercial transactions, handled in federal and state courts.

With offices strategically located across the United States, Wilson Elser is able to seek recovery in most jurisdictions, and our vast knowledge of judgment enforcement tools is relied on by attorneys referring matters from their clients throughout the country.

We employ innovative, state-of-the art collection methods and conduct an aggressive pursuit of debtors, allowing our clients a viable opportunity to recover what is owed. When matters escalate, we do not hesitate to enter into litigation to pursue justice.

In safeguarding our clients’ interests, we adhere to federal and local statutes and follow industry best practices:

  • Locate and investigate debtors and their assets while engaging in the full spectrum of available provisional remedies and judgment enforcement procedures
  • Use of cutting-edge proprietary software programs that support and enhance our ability to meet our clients’ debtor-creditor and other collections needs
  • Familiarity and compliance with the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other applicable statutes and regulations.

Our practice attorneys assist clients with a full range of related matters, including:

  • Collection of unpaid loans and accounts receivable.
  • Municipal obligations; we represent a major New York municipal entity in efforts to collect fines, penalties and other municipal obligations, and a New York county in enforcing its real estate tax rights in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Debts for goods “sold and delivered” and “accounts stated.”
  • Retail and commercial debt.
  • Unpaid fees for professional services; we represent law firms, lawyers, accountants, consultants, health care professionals and other professionals who bring actions against clients who have not paid their bills.
  • Rent arrears and unpaid association fees through eviction proceedings and post-termination collection of arrears.