National Trial Team



The designation “trial lawyer” carries great weight in the legal profession. More than conference room litigators, these attorneys are prepared to try, arbitrate or mediate cases as it best serves their clients’ objectives. Wilson Elser’s trial lawyers are familiar faces in federal, state and local courts and at various arbitration venues throughout the United States … and with good reason. Wilson Elser is recognized among the “go-to” firms for trial and arbitration, enjoying an enviable record of success on some of our clients’ most ambitious cases. We draw on decades of first-chair experience and are assisted by litigation-support professionals intimately familiar with discovery, case management, ADR and related disciplines. 


Wilson Elser’s National Trial Team (NTT) comprises experienced trial lawyers with keen insight into effective courtroom strategies. They also draw from a talented pool of associates and other support personnel, many of whom have specialized backgrounds and skillsets.  In short, these are the attorneys you want on your side; the same ones who command the respect of judges and arbitrators and with whom opposing counsel would rather not do battle.

These are the attorneys you want on your side; the same ones who command the respect of judges and arbitrators and with whom opposing counsel would rather not do battle.

NTT members frequently take on the most challenging cases − those that other law firms avoid or from which they’re dismissed − where excess casualty losses are often at stake. Improperly handled, these cases can undermine the soundest business plan or even rise to “bet the company” levels.

  • Related Services

    Beyond our attorneys’ collective decades of trial and arbitration experience, the NTT offers clients the following related services: 

    • Mock trial preparation
    • Jury consultancy
    • Trial monitoring and supervision
    • Trial avoidance consulting and strategy
    • Mediation counsel
    • Single claim or portfolio exposure assessment
    • Expert witness identification and engagement
    • Excess counsel monitoring
    • Expert witness preparation
    • Client claims roundtables
  • Differentiating Benefits

    While other law firms try or arbitrate cases, Wilson Elser’s NTT offers a distinctly powerful combination of benefits that contributes to the development of compelling and innovative defenses that can optimize our clients’ chances of success:

    • A reputation that precedes us. Over four decades of practice, our trial attorneys have garnered the respect and admiration of innumerable federal, state and local judges. Opposing counsel’s familiarity with our talents and tenacity in the courtroom and at the arbitration table further contributes to our effectiveness.
    • Prepared from the outset. Wilson Elser’s approach to trial begins at the earliest stages of the litigation process. While we always seek to resolve matters swiftly, we nonetheless continually and strategically position a case for possible trial or arbitration. Our efforts become more defined as discovery closes and court deadlines approach, especially when it becomes evident that the case will not settle or otherwise be resolved pre-trial. At this juncture, one or more members of the NTT will intervene in the case, tapping into applicable internal and external resources to formulate the most effective trial strategy. This frequently entails consultation with our Appellate practice to make certain that we raise and preserve appropriate issues for appeal.
    • Vast resources on demand. In formulating their arguments, NTT attorneys can avail themselves of a robust brief bank of trial and arbitration documents from analogous cases. They also draw on the experience of colleagues throughout the firm − whether down the hall or across the country. There are nearly 800 in total, many of whom are fellow trial attorneys and each with distinct experience and credentials that may be valuable in formulating a particular client’s defense.
    • Ready to parachute in on short notice. High on the learning curve and undaunted by even the most technical and challenging cases, NTT attorneys frequently become engaged in trials or arbitrations with mere weeks − or even days − to prepare. With a deep bench and dedicated support, we’re able to make an immediate impact on matters regardless of jurisdiction. Team members have enjoyed remarkable success in various legal chambers and arbitration centers and, despite engaging well along in the process, have achieved resolutions that invariably are favorable to our clients.
    • A national footprint with international reach. Wilson Elser maintains 35 offices strategically located throughout the United States and another in London. Our attorneys are in − or near − major arbitration and litigation centers. As best suits our clients’ needs, we seek admission pro hac vice in jurisdictions where we’re not admitted to practice, or we may enlist the help of skilled local counsel with whom we have historically strong working relationships. As a founding member of Legalign Global, a strategic alliance of four of the world’s largest insurance law firms, we also are able to assist on matters originating or pending in international tribunals and foreign courts.
    • A carefully cultivated cadre of experts. Acknowledging the importance of impartiality and credibility in mounting an effective defense, we maintain strong, long-standing relationships with experts from respected universities and consulting firms, in addition to medical doctors, toxicologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, engineers and accident reconstructionists. We appropriately “groom” them with respect to the matter at hand and direct their activities throughout the litigation process. Equally if not more important, our attorneys are adept at cross-examining and challenging the testimony of experts presented by plaintiffs’ law firms. We also continually establish relationships with new experts across the country to ensure that we present the most timely information and thinking in courtroom and arbitration settings, improving the likelihood of credible third-party testimony favorable to our clients.
    • Skilled in selecting and persuading jurors. We excel in relating to jurors during the voir dire process and ensuing trial − an “intangible” that can significantly enhance outcomes. Building on established credibility, our attorneys reduce complex narratives to their most fundamental elements so that judges, juries and arbitrators better understand our arguments and are more likely to regard them favorably.
    • A compelling value equation. Our experience in the tightly regulated, cost-conscious insurance industry has shaped a firm culture of accomplished professionalism and efficiency. We are accustomed to having fees closely monitored and are relentless in managing costs and otherwise realizing savings for our clients. Our rates are reasonable and the “right” legal resources are allocated against each matter − no more, no less. Also, Wilson Elser is at the forefront of the industry in devising and implementing alternative fee structures more closely aligned with our clients’ distinct needs.