Wilson Elser maintains a dedicated practice that provides legal assistance to companies and individuals with business interests in or involving France and its territories. Practice members include attorneys throughout our office network who are native speakers or are otherwise fluent in French; are familiar with applicable statutes, regulations and treaties; and accustomed to coordinating with Wilson Elser and Legalign Global colleagues as dictated by the venue and nature of a matter. 

Focused principally on insurance defense, we represent several large French carriers and their insureds.  We also defend self-insured companies in a cross-section of industries including: 

  • Art
  • Construction
  • Hotel/Equipment
  • Machinery/Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Apparel/Footwear
  • Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals
  • Food/Food Processing
  • Import/Export

With collective decades of related experience, members of our French practice enjoy an enviable record of successfully managing and mitigating risk. While most legal disciplines reside within the practice team, we draw on resources throughout the broader firm or within Legalign Global as best suits our clients’ needs.

Legalign Global is a close alliance of four of the world’s leading law firms, responding directly and effectively to our clients’ need for high levels of service and efficiency wherever matters arise. Wilson Elser works closely with the three other founding member firms to provide legal services beyond the United States, including most global regions. This is of particular importance to French companies and carriers whose products and services increasingly garner worldwide recognition.

We also work with various French parties on transactional matters specifically relative to commercial contracts and agreements, mergers & acquisitions, art law and intellectual property.  Practice members enjoy considerable related experience and, as with insurance defense, bring to bear applicable skills of colleagues in other functional and geographic areas. 

With a growing, outward-reaching economy and as the third largest foreign employer in the United States, French insurance claims, related litigation and transactional needs will continue to rise.  Our practice attorneys can help companies and individuals navigate the complex legal issues arising in—or between—the two countries.