Wilson Elser maintains a dedicated Canada practice that helps Canadian insurance carriers, insureds and individuals navigate the complexities of the U.S. legal and judicial system and enables them to succeed in our notoriously litigious marketplace. Our practice members are conversant in virtually all the firm’s legal services and industries and, as required, draw on the intellectual capital of colleagues elsewhere in the firm.  

We offer our Canadian clients a single point of contact that gives them entrée to a corps of talented litigators who appreciate their distinct risk appetites and whose efforts − whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or other forms of dispute resolution – conform to their definition of success. 

Our cross-border effectiveness is enhanced by virtue of Wilson Elser’s founding membership in Legalign Global, an alliance of some of the world’s leading insurance law firms, including ARC Group Canada. When clients with Canadian business interests encounter legal or regulatory issues, we’re able to enlist the resources of any or all of ARC Group’s seven member firms. These collaborations frequently spawn resolutions to our clients’ most vexing cross-border legal issues, uncover valuable opportunities and generate meaningful cost efficiencies. Our relationship with ARC Group is unique, giving our Canadian clients a decided advantage.  

While governing treaties undergo constant scrutiny and are subject to change, the increase in U.S.-Canada trade continues unabated, causing related insurance claims and litigation to increase proportionately. Our Canada practice attorneys can help companies navigate the changing statutory and regulatory landscape, anticipate global legal trends, and mitigate accompanying risks of operating and litigating in the United States.