Policy Drafting



Drawing on our vast experience litigating coverage disputes, we work closely with clients to develop, draft, review or modify policy wording. 

Our related efforts range from the preparation of single-manuscript endorsements to the creation of complete policy forms, often from scratch. We collaborate with insurers to make certain that form and endorsement language meets product goals, squares with the distinct risks of policyholders, complies with regulatory requirements and otherwise serves our clients’ best interests. 

Our Insurance & Reinsurance Coverage Practice attorneys consistently monitor trends that impact underlying exposures, and advise our clients accordingly with respect to new or revised policy wording.

Understanding that the smallest policy wording detail can determine a claim’s outcome – or that careful policy drafting can avoid a coverage dispute altogether – we first gain an understanding of precisely what our clients intend to cover. We then provide recommendations on how best to tailor language to communicate the policy’s intent while minimizing unexpected exposures. 

Our policy-drafting work encompasses most every insurance line including general liability, professional liability, employment practices liability, cyber liability and first-party property coverage.