Analysis & Opinions



Effective coverage opinions are crafted, never assembled by formula. Our attorneys provide clear and concise judgments based on a thorough understanding of the distinct policy in force and the precise facts and allegations at hand.

Wilson Elser conducts internal peer review of our coverage opinions at no charge. As warranted by level of exposure, a team of seasoned practice attorneys will take a fresh look at a coverage opinion to help ensure its accuracy, completeness, and adherence to applicable statutes and regulations.

Wilson Elser is called upon frequently by insurers and their third-party administrators to closely analyze policy wording and render opinions as to the nature and scope of coverage. Guided by the knowledge that a well-researched, well-reasoned opinion can help avoid future litigation, we opine on such issues as reservation of rights, duty to defend, loss allocations, and duties owed by the insurer and insured to one another. 

Our interpretations are informed by a thorough investigation and understanding of the facts surrounding each claim. We also keep abreast of related statutes and regulations as well as various – and sometimes conflicting – judicial interpretations. 

Analyzing policy wording and rendering opinions as to the nature and scope of coverage is as much art as science. It requires a nuanced understanding of policy language and the relevant facts – the kind of understanding our attorneys consistently bring to this vital discipline.