Commercial Litigation



For sophisticated businesses, litigation is just as critical to success as any other strategy. The decision to litigate, whether to launch, defend or settle actions, depends on a delicate calculus, with the company’s marketplace opportunities and profitability – perhaps even the future of the enterprise – hanging in the balance.

Our commercial litigators are seasoned and pragmatic, with experience as former judges, prosecutors and government officials. 

Well attuned to these trade-offs, Wilson Elser’s commercial litigators provide clients with innovative and timely strategic counsel to help them make better-informed decisions, resolve complex legal challenges and achieve specific business goals.

Our commercial litigators are seasoned and pragmatic, with experience as former judges, prosecutors and government officials. Each litigator has a well-established track record of successfully defending clients in the courtroom, and has demonstrated equal finesse in meeting client objectives through arbitration or other types of dispute-resolution methods.

Wilson Elser’s litigators have the breadth and depth of experience to serve large, well-established enterprises and small, entrepreneurial organizations effectively. General counsel of corporations often call on us to provide innovative legal strategies or execute focused litigations within designated time frames and budgets. At the same time, new companies with limited exposure to intense litigation might rely on us to supply critical legal experience to defend against a lawsuit or sharpen a contract so it is more likely to withstand potential challenges.

Our attorneys are particularly adept at handling delicate negotiations among firmly entrenched parties. We understand that in certain circumstances our clients cannot envision coming to terms with an adversary. This is especially evident in cases when a company splits apart and disagreement about division of assets is highly contentious. In such cases, we provide clear-headed advice and a range of options to help bridge the chasm between dueling parties so they can reach agreements and avoid protracted fights that can easily distract from running the new businesses successfully.

Wilson Elser is able to draw on its deep resources and national footprint to handle large, multijurisdictional and complex cases expeditiously and cost-effectively. Our clients appreciate having ready access to what is in effect an integrated national litigation team, rather than having to manage a cobbled-together group of local firms with built-in inefficiencies and an often weak spirit of collaboration. Our firm combines superior legal strategies with professional support that can handle large-scale document processing and technology that can streamline communication and facilitate case management.