Complex Tort & General Casualty



Businesses face an increasingly wide range of risks and accompanying exposures. While most risk is predictable and preventable, claims inevitably arise that can seriously compromise the balance sheets of even the best-run companies.

For nearly 40 years, Wilson Elser has been in the business of helping clients identify and prevent exposures and, if they occur, capably managing reaction and recovery. This is our heritage and remains among our greatest strengths.

For nearly 40 years, Wilson Elser has been in the business of helping clients identify and prevent exposures and, if they occur, capably managing reaction and recovery. This is our heritage and remains among our greatest strengths. We have assisted countless public and private-sector clients in mitigating risk and advancing business objectives.

Leveraging our scope and size, and fostering a culture of collaboration, we provide clients with the highest-quality representation in all matters. With 41 offices strategically located throughout the country, we are able to efficiently resolve any and all claims, whether straightforward and local or complex and multijurisdictional.

Moreover, as clients increasingly look to work with integrated “teams,” we accommodate them through a dynamic operating model that draws on the collective experience and resources of the entire firm in realizing desired legal outcomes. Ever mindful of the increasing economic pressures under which our clients conduct their businesses, we are committed to resolving claims quickly and efficiently. Our practice attorneys regularly access centralized resources and firmwide talent. This type of collaboration frequently spawns innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ most complex legal issues.

Wilson Elser’s Complex Tort & General Casualty practice – at the heart of what we do best – assists clients in preventing, mitigating and managing exposure through risk, crises, and claims and litigation management. Whether for risk, crisis or claim management, we scrupulously attend to every detail in preparing to defend our clients. This is the hallmark of our Complex Tort & General Casualty practice and the principal reason for our enviable track record of success.

  • Risk Management

    Our services begin with a thorough understanding of our clients' specific requirements and areas of potential exposure. Placing a high premium on preventing injury or property damage claims from arising in the first place, we work to help the client understand their risk profile and potential liability exposure. Our comprehensive resources allow for immediate assessments of an organization's business, legal position and needs. The depth and breadth of our knowledge of many industries and commercial enterprises flattens the learning curve and allows us to concentrate our efforts on reducing our client’s risks as well as protecting their brand. As appropriate, we assist in the development of company policies, contracts, site modifications or processes designed to reduce risk and liability exposure. We also publish frequent and timely alerts in an effort to keep our clients informed of key legal decisions and developments that impact their respective businesses and risk profiles.

  • Crisis Management

    We work closely with each client to plan and prepare for the potential crises it may have to confront. This includes developing a crisis plan and establishing a 24/7 emergency line of communication between our firm and the client.

    Upon notification of an incident, our “go teams” are capable of providing an immediate response to the scene for purposes of assessment and management of the triggering event. As required, we oversee media relations, work with government agencies and gather and preserve evidence that may prove material to the defense of any potential claim. We identify and interview key witnesses to the occurrence and immediately procure photographs depicting any damages or equipment involved in the incident. Upon completion of the response, we prepare a confidential report in anticipation of litigation wherein we may recommend remedies. This helps to ensure proper preservation of documentation, evidence and any incident-specific issues that may arise. It also allows our clients to be thoroughly prepared to rebut a potential claim that may be inflated or exaggerated in nature. We continue to work with our client to learn from experience with post-situation audits and other robust evaluation processes.

  • Claims and Litigation Management

    When claims arise, our attorneys set in motion a carefully conceived resolution plan designed to determine likely exposure, identify resolution options and ultimately conclude in outcomes that adhere to prescribed guidelines. While our practice focuses on effectively managing the entire litigation process, we understand that our clients prefer quick and cost-effective solutions to complex and potentially protracted liability cases. “Shelf life” is as important as any other substantive issue in handling files. Thus, we do our best to accelerate turnaround through procedural dismissals, substantive dismissals, successful tenders and negotiated settlements. We also make use of proactive post-claim and post-suit risk assessment and mitigation techniques that can help us close files quickly and efficiently. Opposing counsels’ familiarity with the talents and tenacity of our highly skilled trial attorneys undoubtedly contributes still further to early and favorable resolutions.

    When early resolutions are not possible, we do not hesitate to try cases in court. Wilson Elser is proud of its reputation as one of the largest and most successful trial law firms in the country. While most attorneys venture no further than the courthouse steps, Wilson Elser works vigorously inside the courthouse to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes. Best known for our involvement in high-exposure cases, we also handle more modest and less far-reaching matters with the same levels of rigor and discipline.