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Wilson Elser has a thriving Latin America practice serving U.S. clients doing business in the region as well as Latin American clients doing business in the United States or using it as a conduit for their operations elsewhere in Europe and Asia.

Members of our Latin America group, who reside in 10 Wilson Elser offices nationwide, have actively represented clients in Mexico, the Caribbean and the Latin American region for more than 25 years. We are thoroughly familiar with the legal framework and unique issues that arise in the region as well as those faced by international clients doing business in the United States. We have ties in many Latin American countries and a deep understanding of the local legal, cultural and business practices in each of those countries.

Wilson Elser regularly provides a wide range of services to Latin American clients in a variety of areas. These include domestic and multinational corporations, public sector entities and individuals, directors and officers, employers, added-value factories (maquiladoras), manufacturers and suppliers, insurers and their insureds and cedents, joint ventures, hotels and resorts, premises owners, real estate brokers, developers and retailers as well as the transportation industry.

The strength of our Latin America practice derives not only from the experience and competence of our attorneys but also from our strategically located "gateway" offices in Miami, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and Washington, DC. From these offices, we can provide a rapid response and knowledgeable, experienced and effective service to the Latin American market.

Members of the practice are well versed in resolving cases in the international litigation arena, where multiple jurisdictions are involved. In addition, they are experienced defending cases against international clients filed in the United States, including those involving jurisdiction, choice of law, and forum non conveniens defenses, as well as the enforcement of international arbitration clauses.

Our Latin America group members, some of whom are fluent in Spanish and/or Portuguese, have substantial experience in the business, legal and regulatory environments of Latin American countries.

Our business attorneys are experienced in the design, negotiation and documentation of corporate, business and financial transactions involving multiple jurisdictions as well as supporting the efforts of internal legal departments when dealing with local or regional counsel.

Our members are also knowledgeable and experienced on the impact of U.S., Asian and European laws and regulations, as well as international and foreign investment law on specific structures and transactions. This in-depth knowledge enables our lawyers to readily advise Latin American clients in business transactions throughout the world.

Wilson Elser's Latin America practice has developed a strong client base in Mexico over the last decade. In particular, we have handled many cases for all major international and Mexican insurance companies involving hotel and resort liability and product liability in Florida and other U.S. jurisdictions, as well as supervised subrogation claims in Mexico.

Our Latin America practice provides a direct resource to an ever-expanding internationally oriented client base. We enjoy an extraordinary reputation across Latin America and have developed close relationships with a multitude of law firms that we value and trust.

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