Wilson Elser’s successful resolution of construction litigation often involves unraveling complex issues related to liability and other aspects of insurance coverage. We serve clients involved in large commercial and industrial projects as well as the legal needs of school districts, homeowners associations and individuals. Our clients also have been involved in civil projects, including public arenas and highway construction. Matters that we have litigated involve everything from subsidence to structural defects, personal injury to property damage, and mechanics’ liens to economic loss caused by delays. We represent those directly involved in disputes as well as their insurers.

Wilson Elser uses an interdisciplinary team approach to complicated legal matters. Nationwide, we have attorneys experienced in all aspects of construction litigation and practice, including several with professional architectural and engineering backgrounds. We also draw on a national network of forensic consultants and construction experts in design, scheduling, finance and more. In some cases, we use mediators who focus on construction litigation to help avoid the high cost of extensive discovery and trial. When construction matters do go to trial, we bring in our experienced trial lawyers who can successfully defend such cases in state and federal courts.