Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure



Executives and managers in the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry want to create special moments for their clients. They are passionate about their service. Wilson Elser shares that passion for client service, and our client relationships are strategic partnerships guided by a simple standard: How can we help you grow your business? As the industry continues to evolve – to face new regulatory challenges, growth opportunities and new types of investors with different competitive strategies – our scope, depth and focused experience can be critical assets to help our clients succeed.

Wilson Elser’s Hospitality service uses a team model that comprises the attorneys in the firm’s 41 U.S. locations who are versed in the legal disciplines relevant to companies in hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses. They provide the gamut of services from transactional matters and site development to operational concerns and personal injury claims, and they are experienced with issues such as accessibility defense under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The portfolio of hotel projects on which the firm has worked is broad, covering all sectors of the hotel industry in locations across the United States.