Life, Health, Disability & ERISA



Wilson Elser boasts nearly 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, vigorously monitoring the changes, assessing their implications and defending a wide breadth of claims on behalf of some of the most prominent insurers worldwide. Our experience working with underwriters, claims personnel, insurance agents and policy writers further enhances our effectiveness in resolving our clients’ most complex issues. The senior leaders of Wilson Elser’s Life, Health, Disability & ERISA service are active team members, and Westlaw has ranked us first in defense representation for both life insurance and ERISA.

Given the intricacies of life, health, disability and ERISA laws and regulations, there are no “one size fits all” solutions. Wilson Elser is committed to finding what works best for each client. Our breadth of experience, collaborative approach and extensive research database allow us to do so consistently, efficiently and effectively. Clients need not waste precious time and resources assembling a network of law firms. With offices nationwide and affiliates in select global markets, Wilson Elser provides “on the ground” legal services in most jurisdictions. When regulations adversely impact our clients, we frequently work through legislative channels to amend relevant statutes. Our clients benefit from our national and, as required, global reach.