As technologies and business models change, new exposures are created for manufacturers worldwide. Government oversight and efforts by U.S. regulatory agencies – such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission – in recent years have created a potentially more dangerous and problematic environment for manufacturers and other entities in supply chains. Wilson Elser’s Product Liability service encompasses a multitude of businesses and industries, and it is not limited to U.S.-based clients. We represent many manufacturers in most industries, from traditional to cutting-edge, from Fortune 500 to small privately held businesses.

Today's product liability matters are rarely limited to one court or jurisdiction. Each claim has nationwide implications. With extensive trial experience and knowledge of business and industry, Wilson Elser is positioned to defend lawsuits against a wide array of products on a local and national basis. The firm's product liability attorneys work as an integrated team with their colleagues in 41 offices across the United States to advise clients and defend their products in complex cases. Our shared knowledge ensures a coordinated approach, whether a claim arises out of a product's design, manufacture or marketing.