Companies in the retail/consumer goods sector are experiencing precipitous rises in costs while the prices they can realistically charge are falling in the face of global competition, consolidation, grey market goods and supply chain interference. In those areas where they still have control and room to maneuver, they need solid, experienced legal counsel to make the most of their opportunities, and where they are vulnerable, to provide the best defense.

Wilson Elser attorneys understand the vast challenges of retailers ranging from the stores that line America’s highways and main streets to mid-sized companies and the big-box chains that do business on the ground and over the Internet. We offer innovative strategies and solutions to in-store challenges that can come in the form of injuries to patrons on the premises, improper actions or lax practices by security personnel, or invasion of privacy due to unsecured restrooms and changing areas. From employment practices to commercial decisions and more, we are a full-service option for retailers in every business.