Organized sports programs confront complex legal challenges, along with an unprecedented number of liability insurance claims and an onslaught of new issues central to this field – including intellectual property, cyber law, employment liability issues, and player and personnel safety-related protocols. A practical approach for sports organizations at the professional and amateur levels, as well as for their insurers, is to identify a single, strong and reliable legal resource capable of seamlessly handling any matter or issue locally and nationally. Wilson Elser understands the fundamental principles and rules governing organized sports and has vast experience in dealing with the challenges presented to leagues, franchises, teams, stadiums, arenas and participants on and off the field.

We represent clients in various matters throughout the country, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL), their member teams, affiliated arenas and stadiums, and youth sports programs. Our firm has represented every franchise and arena in the NBA and NHL. In addition, we are well acquainted with the liability issues that arise in every realm of youth, semi-professional and professional sports, including the myriad risk exposures encountered by a league, franchise, team, stadium, arena or participant, and we know how to manage any lawsuits that might ensue. We are also deeply familiar with manufacturers and designers of sports, fitness and recreational products and how best to minimize their legal exposure.