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Today’s General Counsel Publishes Rocco on New Cannabis Statutes in the Workplace

Today’s General Counsel

May 2, 2022

Author: Dean A. Rocco

Dean Rocco (Partner-Los Angeles, CA) authored “Weed at Work” for Today’s General Counsel, published on April 28, 2022. Eighteen states currently allow adult cannabis use and 37 states permit medicinal use. Employers will need to incorporate these new legalization statutes into their existing drug-free workplace policies. Dean discusses various laws such as the 2021 New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, which prohibits employers from taking action against employees who engage in legal offsite cannabis use. Dean notes: “While these statutes evidence growing legislative intent to protect employees’ off-duty cannabis use, they continue to respect employers’ prerogative to prohibit use during work hours and on work property, and recognize federal and state laws permitting drug testing for employees in safety sensitive positions.”

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